our new proprietary chassis


We’ve spent the past 10 years strategically developing our recipe with the best technology, processes, and partners to provide our clients and team members with the ultimate solution — COMPKART

  • Homologated Chassis
  • Engineered Components
  • Unique Apparel

Race Department

Since 2005, our Race Department has stood taller than the competition.

Our management followed by the entire technical staff and superb drivers have allowed for our objectives to be met time and time again– Win!

Moving forward, our consistent and unmatched infrastructure now joined with our homologated and proprietary

chassis line allows our Race Department to be further entrenched and unmatched. We look forward to having you be part of our new story!

J3 Competition tent setup
J3 Competition

Sales Network

  • Telemetry
  • Components
  • Engines

Our Sales Network offers the best quality and functional products the industry has to offer. With several proprietary components, J3 Competition will continue to offer a complete line of Unipro telemetry, SKF bearings, as well as important engines and ancillaries.

“Success requires continuous improvement and through fusing our infrastructure, knowledge, and dedicated work we are excited to take you along on our new winning journey.”

Along with COMPKART, we're also home to these trusted brands

  • Unipro Lap Timer
  • SKF Bearings
  • MIR Racewear
  • Lucky Designs
  • RK Chains
  • Tranztable
  • Hübchen Carburetors
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